Woodworking Youtube is blowing up because a youtuber just proved - flat-out *proved* with machinery and controlled environments and numbers - that end-to-end glue joints are STRONGER than face-to-end or face-to-face joints, which is completely contrary to what we've all been told and assumed for... well, a LONG time!

Like, the video only came out a couple of weeks ago, and Woodworking Youtube is still figuring out whether this means we have to throw out everything we thought we knew about joinery or whether we only have to change a little bit or whether it even matters or whether we can carry on making our usual joints and just kind of try to ignore this as long as we can

Please be gentle with the dads in your life as this is an uncertain time for us

This is so fascinating that I'm even watching a Stumpy Nubs video

Bloke's the Technology Connections of woodworking

He's the guy you always end up talking to at parties because you love your friends and want them to have a nice time so you let him talk to you instead, and after a while you even start listening because there's some fascinating stuff he knows if you can just get past the sort of personality that finds out all this stuff

You know the guy, he says "Utilize" instead of "Use"


I just subscribed. This guy is great. These are my people ❤️

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