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It is time to live like we are behind occupied lines. Don't engage, but also, don't tolerate fools and tyrants.

Don't stir up the big stuff, but also don't comply with the small stuff.

Ignore the noise coming from DC and the TV, it's illegitimate. Their power is bolstered through your not not fight them without provocation, just exist.

Now we must protest by just existing. If the value of your life is the cost others must pay to take it, make yourself very expensive.

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As an avid tinkerer, I've always wanted to build my own Theremin. Not some cheap de-tuned AM radio, not one that sounds like a speak-&-spell cross-bred with R2D2, but an "instrument grade" unit, wholly analog device.

I learned about Theremins back in '94 when I caught the docu, "An Electronic Odyssey" and I've wanted to build one ever since.

Anyone out there have any experience or interest? Would love to have a "build buddy" who I could compare notes with.

So two pipes are exploded simultaneously, and then the third pipe is also exploded.

Two tall buildings are destroyed and another small one also falls

After @ Citi refused to restore access, even with in-person ID, we explained the story in writing to customer service.

They repeated that the money wouldn't be returned for 30-60 days.

Think about people who can't pay rent or bills because @ Citi is sitting on their money.

So we contacted @ CFPB. And on Thursday @ Citi sent a defiant reply: "Citi reserves the right to close an account at any time and for any reason, with or without cause."

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This is Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

I’ve never heard any politician so perfectly explain what we’re up against and why we fight.

When you watch this video, you’ll quickly realize why the establishment is afraid of her.

getting this new rack set up now. just calling it a beta version i guess til i figure out where all my modules are going

If you've ever wanted to see Sinatra live, catch Bob Anderson's "One More for the Road" show if he's coming to a town near you.

We saw him a few years ago and it's honestly no different than a live Sinatra show in his heyday.

He does full makeup, 32-piece band. Awesome show.

Amazing, these new apartments look like some of that brutalist shit from the 1970s

going a little harder with this test pattern. i cant wait to get these modules racked up.

The first instance of an aerial dogfight occurred during the Mexican Revolution in 1913. However, neither man wanted to kill the other, so they exchanged pistol fire, intentionally missing, until running out of ammunition.

Original tweet :

“Biden faces backlash for declaring the pandemic is over”

I bet! You can’t dump billions of dollars into buying vaccines and scamming people into taking them if you tell them that they’re no longer needed. 🙄

Big Pharma is NOT happy.

. #dNews #News #politics #trump #FBI

Are you still on Facebook? WHY?

Explicit evidence of Facebook scanning all your messages, EVEN THE PRIVATE MESSAGES of Pro-Trump voters and forwarding them to the FBI WITHOUT request or warrant!

The normalization of pediatric myocarditis is here.

This video is from New York Presbyterian's official YouTube channel, uploaded September 6, 2022 (

It looks to be a 30-second spot meant for TV and Internet placement.

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