I feel a little late to the story on this, but some of you were discussing the "Deagel Predictions" for world population in 2025.

Is this for real? It almost feels like an April 1 joke...

US pop: -70%
UK pop: -78%
Australian Pop: -70%

The list goes on, but "Western" nations seem to fare the worst...this is in 4 years, people?

Is every vaccinated person dropping dead? Nuclear War?

A 70% population reduction would literally be the end of the world as we know it.

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@amiko people aren't having kids in a lot of western/1st world countries so they could play into it. Not sure how much though, 70% seems hella steep


i posted a story on it sometime back, the guy who came up with it has died....a big shot and very much an insider, that's what makes me think it's real

@PG_Chrys I'm leaning in the direction this is a convincing, but elaborate hoax.

The site is questionable, the way they present pertinent facts is sketchy.

There's no About Us page on the site, and their Contact Us" link is broken...something smells fishy.

All of their "news" stories are just copied and pasted verbatim press releases.

Here's an alternative take for balance. I'm still curious, but leaning towards hoax...


many believe in reeducation camps where millions could be exterminated. Christians believe in the Rapture of the Church millions will be lifted from the earth...they want the population neat and tidy at 500M, so they have to do it somehow.

or this could just be a breadcrumb left behind for us to ponder

@amiko China and Russia only down 2 and 3 %. Interesting. Reminds me of the news in China with people falling over and dying (which I can only assume was fake). I honestly feel like America is undergoing a soft takeover by China. It’s like a war but nobody is allowed to talk about it because they make everything we use down to the Tylenol. I’ve tried to bring this up with several people and I get eye rolls. Oh well. Only responsible for my wife / child.

@madmike That's what brings us together's so refreshing to interact with people, even at small scale, who you can say that kind of thing with and not feel any trepidation.

For what it's worth, absolutely, I totally believe we are in an unrestricted war right now...and China is but one aspect of the enemy...but the enemy is far larger than something so small as "China." To me, this is a Globalist Bolshevik revolution, and they're winning quite handily.

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