I feel a little late to the story on this, but some of you were discussing the "Deagel Predictions" for world population in 2025.

Is this for real? It almost feels like an April 1 joke...

US pop: -70%
UK pop: -78%
Australian Pop: -70%

The list goes on, but "Western" nations seem to fare the worst...this is in 4 years, people?

Is every vaccinated person dropping dead? Nuclear War?

A 70% population reduction would literally be the end of the world as we know it.


It's probably tap dancing on the third rail, but chalk up Israel as another "Shithole Country" The irony of Israel leading the charge on this is nothing short of shocking.

I implore all of you...even if you have never contacted an elected representative before...the stakes are now higher than they have ever been before.

If this madness/ignorance is allowed to propagate, this is the actual end of Western Civilization. It's that serious...no one else is going to save you from this, you have to reach out and mobilize your representatives...at very least find out if they're in on the plan or not.

I had to check this for myself, it's just so unbelievable.

1) Go here: apps.who.int/flumart/Default?R
2) Pick any industrialized, decently populated country, I chose the US.
3) Bask in amazement that we have, collectively as the human species, functionally eradicated the flu around the world.

Congrats all, we did it, we beat the flu once and for all!

National Geographic just published a new theory on the Dyatlov Pass incident...this story always fascinated me.

Not so much for the mysterious elements around these people's deaths, but the fact that in late 50's USSR, it was evidently common for college age "kids" to head off on-foot into the Siberian wilderness.

This new theory of a small delayed avalanche doesn't stack up to me. More 'computer models' ...and those haven't always been borne out so well...


Rime Ice or Hoarfrost? I always have to lookup the difference. Today, the whole forest looked like it had been replaced by icy cactus. For the record this is rime ice. When dense, sub-freezing fog carrying super cooled sub freezing liquid water hits frozen objects, like tree branches, it condenses into delicate ice crystals that grow into finely pointed needles. The effect is quite stunning!

It is time to live like we are behind occupied lines. Don't engage, but also, don't tolerate fools and tyrants.

Don't stir up the big stuff, but also don't comply with the small stuff.

Ignore the noise coming from DC and the TV, it's illegitimate. Their power is bolstered through your consent...do not consent...do not fight them without provocation, just exist.

Now we must protest by just existing. If the value of your life is the cost others must pay to take it, make yourself very expensive.

Last night, I saved the CSPAN feed of the speech from the Ellipse the morning of the 6th. My intention was to re-watch it now in a different context, with the comfort of hindsight. Chief details being the timeline of the speech versus the timing of the occupation.

8 hours later, this CSPAN feed is gone from Youtube for violating community standards.

Government and corporations are colluding for political and private gain? Yeah that's fascism.

Did the Fat Lady just start to sing? See you all in the camps.

Lifted this from "Follow the Data with Doctor Frank", but using the CDC's own data, exclusively, it's evident that lockdown protocols "killed" 92,847 people while 244,095 died from CV19 (by the CDC's count, not mine).

Lockdowns are killing people nearly 40% as effectively as Covid, but please let's do more lockdowns.

FWIW, I don't think the CDC's numbers are anywhere near legit, but let's work with what we have.

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