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Unhappy about the Great Reset making basic staples hard to find, and even then, only at considerably inflated prices?

Your Former Vice President and his friends at the Treasury Dept. want you to blame the un-altered.

"The reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated."

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He does not post the link often enough but if you have not listened to this from May 2020 when @adam interviewed Maurice Du Hond you need to. That this man nailed viral transmission back then and authorities are only now catching up is the real scandal of this.

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@thatguyoverthere @Secftblgirl You laugh now, but they'll soon have a whole continent of people believing this is completely legit. 🤯

@DerSauerkraut @Shadowman311 IIRC, someone sued the Trump camp and won over this. The campaign ended up having to refund something like 10% of all donations. Too many people tricked into signing up for large recurring monthlies, when they only ever wanted to make a one-time. The worst part is the "make this recurring" box is have to actively disable it.

Apologies in advance for the NYT piece, at least this link wont give them a click.

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18-29 Cohort.

Baseline in the percentage graphs = % Vax Uptake or Declined for 18-29

The lowest vaccine uptake of all the adult cohorts.

The ARR at this point is in the 'wearing your lucky socks will save you' territory. An impressive 0.0152 - 0.0350% 🤡

In the grand scheme of things this cohort was pretty much bullet proof anyway but they jabbed them anyway. 🙈

@sickburnbro @cirnog @merchantHelios
Anyone ever ponder whether the cover up wasnt about landing or not landing, but what we may have found up there?

Is this when the public facing space program, young and naive, split at the realization of artifacts?

One side stays the public face, spending much but accomplishing little, while the clandestine side evolves into the breakaway society which runs the world today.

I don't believe this wholeheartedly, but it's a fascinating thing to ponder.

@BobB Thanks, I was not aware of H2 production from Nat. Gas...just read up a bit on that, always appreciate learning something new, thanks for that! 👍

I'm with ya, though, this all smells like a shell game of moving money and energy around where more and more hands dip into that at every pass.

But hey, it's *green*, right! 😅

@BobB Hydrogen fuel cells are awesome...but for the same reason people aren't still flying around on the Hindenburg...people aren't apt to want to drive around with explosive bottles that make a gasoline explosion look tame by comparison.

Explosive nature aside, I always thought using eleectrolysis to split the H2 from the O is an expensive process, energy-wise.

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@arzachel What bothers me about this, it's purely based on the fact that they weren't extended the same accommodations for religious exemption as were the people who had medical exemptions.

It speaks nothing of bodily autonomy, personal privacy, or even challenges the necessity or efficacy of the shot's purely a bureaucratic play based on religion.

It presumes that the shot is necessary first, and then asks what to do about it later.

Glad for these people, but this is not good.

@sizzletron Oh now you've and piqued my "Library Music"'s been a while, but I can't help but loving the stuff.

It's not often I meet someone who doesn't look at me funny when I mention it.

Can you imagine how much of this must exist deep in the bowels of long-time media stalwarts, like the BBC? Gems that haven't landed on ears in decades.

Klaus Wiess Rhythm & Sounds is great as is anything by Janko Nilovic.

Thanks for sharing!

@neanderthalsnavel @IcyGrillz @DrChris

The Morlocks were amateurs...I, for one, will be off looking for the C.H.U.D. 😅

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@Foneguy89 Rappaport has really been coming out with some good stuff lately...and plenty of it, thx for sharing!

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Oct 6, 2021

More on the missing Biden EO and the missing vaccine mandate

by Jon Rappoport

This Biden directive is operating under what’s called an ETS—Emergency Temporary Standard.

Three things to understand here, in my opinion.

ONE: Since OSHA has not yet issued any regulations,

TWO: As I suggested yesterday, this whole operation smells

THREE: It seems to me that not issuing an EO, and instead going the OSHA ETS route, is less direct,

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