@cully45 Who's believing this? This has to be a test...this is nonsense of the highest order...they MUST be testing the public to see how many times they can shake the proverbial can of pennies and make the dogs hide under the bed.😂

@GluedToTheScreen That's the biggest thing about the Devolution argument that I can't seem to get my head around. There is not a 2-party commander in chief. There is not a second or even a dummy nuclear football.

Either can send bombs, troops, and missiles to kill and be killed, or he cannot...

I'm of the mind Devolution is a hopium dream...though I'm optimistically open to the possibility.

@Effortless How are parents sitting still for this? I raised hell at my school board, at the mere suggestion of a mask mandate and they reversed course.

Are parents really just shrugging and sending their kids into these environments?

That would be a hard-stop immediate dis-enrollment if anything like that happened here.

It wouldn't ever get that far here though as parents are actually engaged and involved for the most part, and wouldn't sit still for blatant acts of abuse like this.

Name a band that instantly makes you think of the ‘80s. One for me is Men At Work.

@mrmcmayhem Yeah there's definitely a huge array...and like most things, most of them are not all that great...but that's half the fun, weeding out the chaff and finding the gems.

Fascinating article about the evolution of this stuff over the years and how it's matured...I found it an interesting read as someone not at all familiar with the genre before this.

Please let me know if you find any new standouts yourself! Thanks!

@mrmcmayhem Our musical tastes overlap, I've been sending a monthly donation to SomaFM.com for a few years now. It's another great example of the V4V model in-effect.

I didn't see Gunship on your playlist...definitely check that out. Only two full albums but they're all just chock full of goodness.


Also, Midnight Danger's "Nights on Lake Milsen" has to be the best soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist I've ever heard.


Welcome to the Fediverse, @Elizra glad to have you here. This place can be a little daunting to get started in. Remember, it's not algo driven, so there's some necessary work on your part to get a decent feed going. Trust me, it's worth it, as you can custom tailor yourself whatever experience here you like, beyond the unblinking eye of corporate oversight and censorship.

As you get started, feel free to ask questions, glad to help, and look forward to tooting with you!

@Orwell Agreed 100%
Let them come marching down and make a scene of closing down treatment centers and kicking sick people out onto the street...that'd be some optics.

@mrmcmayhem I'm afraid you kicked it off, I've been slowly consuming the entire back catalog of "The Midnight"...but whats more...this took me down a rabbit hole into a genre that I'd never encountered before.

Like anything good than bad examples abound along with sub-genre upon sub-genre, but on the whole, it's been enjoyable.

I've heard it said, music is a toy that should be played with your entire life. Thanks, you've given me a new toy to play around with!

I remember the first time I heard the turn of phrase, "They hate you and they want you to die", regarding the way the powers that be think of us. I remember how aggressive and needlessly hyperbolic that felt. But as the last few years have progressed, it's lost all semblance of hyperbole, it's become inexorable, obvious, staring us in our face whether we want to welcome it in or not.

If you are neither material, nor ideological benefit to them, they do, indeed, hate you and want you to die.⚰️

ITM y'all - here's the latest from the No Agenda Animation Studios. Thank you to the AEP who called-out ANA during his donation toward ep 1419. We're glad we could help you bring your wife to the LIGHT side! :)

TYFYC! xoxo

[PC 2.0 links first, then YouBoob link below as well]





cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Biden lost the border in 2 days, oil and gas in 1 month, supply chains in 6 months, Afghanistan in 8, and the stock market in 1 year.
And as that's not enough destruction already, he's about to take us into war with another country.
But yeah, no mean tweets. twitter.com/rising_serpent/sta

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