Nothing is sacred, of course, but that's one reason I decided to start my own Mastodon instance...and so glad I did.

After leaving the Face'bag after nearly 15 years...it feels good, man.

It costs me a little bit of time and money to run my server, but I'd so rather do that and never see an ad or an algo.

If you're not paying for it, there's a good chance you're the product. If you are, then you get to make the rules! 😎

@WidowGarrett @Sophistifunk

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These people have the wherewithal to impose their genius on anyone in earshot.

Think you nailed it...their motive is profit...plain and simple. They can extract more profit by isolating people, keeping them fed a steady diet of official narrative, throw in a dash of social division to keep people suspicious of one another...

It's so insidious, it's brilliant.

At least here, I know I'm building my own echo chamber and the only "profit motive" here is personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

How do they monetize that? 🤔

@WidowGarrett @Sophistifunk

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@Camerogirl @mhoran1158

Its pretty sad when a patriotic American like me thinks more of Putin than our Resident (the p is silent)

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Bill to ban coronavirus vaccine passports in the US introduced to Congress

"I am profoundly disturbed that the Biden Administration would even consider imposing vaccine passports on the American people. My private healthcare decisions—and yours—are nobody else’s business. Vaccine passports will not help our nation recover from COVID-19; instead, they will simply impose more Big Brother surveillance on our society," said Biggs.



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These bills that are “in deliberation” which would prohibit vaxx passports, I wonder how many will be passed? 🙏✨

@Stridermcperson You didnt think this was the end, did you? Once you teach a dog to beg for treats, you dont just stop making it do tricks...you show it off to all your friends. You teach it more tricks...and make it perform on command. That is what this article says to me. And dont forget your mask, slave!

@flamingkeys @WidowGarrett @Sophistifunk I find it almost therapeutic. I don't have to tap dance through a minefield and can speak my mind without a lot of contextual explanation.

But to me it's a daily reminder that I'm not so fringe after all. My ideas and thoughts are shared by many.

In an era where we are made to feel isolated, it's a gratifying reminder we are not.

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If you think your health is more important than future generations enjoying freedom... ur the selfish one. Our collective compliance has lowered the bar BIG TIME for future generations already. Burn your mask!

@mcread I almost went for one of those "Embrace Tradition, Reject Modernity" memes here...but damn...that's so heinous...it's not worth the effort. Yuk...beautiful station, however....quite a contrast. Thanks for sharing.

@FortyTwo This is critical for anyone to read who's employer might be "going woke"...you might think you're allowed to ask objective, non-judgemental questions...but the truth is...you're not.

Unless you want to spend years in court and many thousands of dollars...even if you get those dollars back in-full...these people will destroy you for simply asking questions.

This isn't anecdotal or hypothetical anymore, they want to destroy everyone who doesn't mimic them in all ways.

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Federal Judge Rules First Amendment Case Against UVA May Proceed

"[T]hey issued a Professionalism Concern Card against him, suspended him from UVA Medical School, required him to undergo counseling and obtain “medical clearance” as a prerequisite for remaining enrolled, and prevented him from appealing his suspension or applying for readmission by issuing and refusing to remove the [No Trespass Order]."


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1. COVID killed by sunlight
2. No direct evidence of airborne spread
3. Surface spread very rare
4. Asymptomatic spread low
5. Masks ineffective
6. Lockdowns don't work
7. Herd immunity real
8. Miniscule risk to children
9. Survival rate 99.97%+

@WidowGarrett @philonious Russel has been an interesting case of watching a slow-motion red-pilling...and it's quite gratifying.

I loved the guy when he was doing media commentary with a dash of humor, then he swung heavily into dimension B with a severe case of TDR...and now it's quite gratifying to watch him swing back to dimensh A.

It's a remarkably honest to put himself out there as honestly as he has. He's still a long-winded egomaniac, but then again, so is AJ, so it's an enjoyable watch

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Still dont know anyone who got the rona. But i do know ppl in financial ruin due to government faggotry.

@unspinthespin @WidowGarrett Hand-waving all that aside...which I realize is a pretty massive ask...but bear with me...

Who wakes up every day and says they've been ordained by god to be better than everyone else...everywhere...and that is solely by virtue of one's blood.

In any other context, that's called actual white-supremacy...only it's worse...since it's not about being white, it's about direct genetic lineage.

In the era of woke SJW nonsense, how is that still a thing?

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