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TG on Twitter: "@AlexBerenson @NatureMedicine They lied to us about: -PCR -Masks -Lockdowns -Social distancing -Closing schools -Origin of the virus -Risks/Lethality of COVID But they would never, ever lie about the vaccine." / Twitter
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Hey evra-budduh! It’s the first release for the NAS community!

You know what time it is! It’s time to feel groovy! Yeeeeeee-ahhhhh!

I am working on figuring out the podcast delivery mechanism, so in the mean time, link below, and you can DL if you wish.

PEACE! Give it a chance!!!!

NAS Community EDM - 1: "Care Free Beats" — The Source

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People of the NAS. Listen to me good because I'm only going to toot this once.

Please stop posting links with no context. NOBODY is likely to click on a youtube link that says "Watch this". Or WORSE just a url to youtube.

If you want people to click your link, give it context so people have some idea of what they're likely to see if they click your link. Otherwise they're just going to scroll on past. (They may even mute you or block you just for spite!)

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Guess who got another old camera converted to infrared and can now do 700 AND 550nm? Damn, that red leaf effect is powerful, even if a bit tricky to optimize in post-editing... #infrared #photography

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Dr. Peter McCullough says there was a global suppression of early treatment for Covid. I watched the whole 1 hour and 45 minutes of this video and I would suggest you invest the time. This might be the most important explanation of what has gone on for over a year and from a highly credentialed doctor.

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NAS mind. I have started researching sleep and sleep cycles to try and optimize my time awake. Any good sleep research you have seen? I did find a sleep calculator and may try some of their suggested times. Based on my age I may need as little as 6 hrs....

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Member when literally EVERY DEATH was Trump's fault?

Now, the vaccine deaths are ignored..

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“Whenever I hear people that ecstatic about their vaccine, I try to remember them as they were at that moment: happy. Yes, I just want to make sure I have that memory of them before they either figure out they’ve been hosed, or duped, or worse!” — @adam #noagenda 1335

As an avid tinkerer, I've always wanted to build my own Theremin. Not some cheap de-tuned AM radio, not one that sounds like a speak-&-spell cross-bred with R2D2, but an "instrument grade" unit, wholly analog device.

I learned about Theremins back in '94 when I caught the docu, "An Electronic Odyssey" and I've wanted to build one ever since.

Anyone out there have any experience or interest? Would love to have a "build buddy" who I could compare notes with.

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Elgin school district approves virtual ‘learning academy’ for unvaccinated, medically exempt students | WGN-TV

Segregation of unvaxxed kids is a go in IL.

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I still don't understand the big push for ventilators early on during Covid.

Most people that go on a ventilator will die within days.

I know many hospitals didn't have enough of them.

How many of them were actually used?

Funny how HCQ wasn't pushed as an early treatment instead. In fact it was made out to be the risky thing to try. Most people who take HCQ and zinc early ... recover within days. We saw this with many world leaders.

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"Black Lives" is a term that strategically distills an entire experience down to how dark skin happens to be. "Black Lives" don't exist. The color of skin only matters to the ignorant, the foolish, and the manipulative.

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I've been working on a static page on of good smaller instances to join/recommend to boost visibility.

Feel free to suggest additions.

The fediverse is healthier and more robust the more decentralized it stays!
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@LaylaAlexandrovna @CharlytheWorm @HebrideanHecate @Li_Chi @Piss_Ant @SheChanges @Sherri_Ingrey

They (CDC, etc) now think that people who've had COVID (mild) are the ones with the most severe side-effects in the vaccines. So follow the money and the power-trip. If people start to find out that if they had asymptomatic/mild COVID -- they should not get the jab, or at least demand an antibody test before bowing to the jab. They don't want this. Ask youself why they want to risk the health of covid survivors with vaccines? Why? Why?

The most benign reason is people will demand antibody test. But we can't have antibody test becoming standard, because the jabs aren't really making antibodies in a number of people (probably those with no side-effects!)

The chess game is going badly for them. Also, there are now good physiological reasons found in the RNA code of the sars-cov2 virus to suggest children are not at risk.

The game is going badly for them. They are in cover-up mode now.
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When is a cohort of nearly 10 MILLION PEOPLE not enough?

Are women aware of this latest study from November 2020 regarding the lack of asymptomatic (healthy) transfer of the coof? I am trying to understand why people still think it is possible. This was a rumour spread around the beginning of the panic. (Personally I still have never met one person who tested positive or had any signs of this virus.)

However even Saint Fauci states that it is next to impossible. So I am unclear on why this rumour persists despite the lack of evidence. I'm in the process of looking at studies that purport to show this transfer but it is not apparent. - Asymptomatic transfer DID NOT OCCUR AT ALL.

"WUHAN, China, December 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A study of almost 10 million people in Wuhan, China, found that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 did not occur at all, thus undermining the need for lockdowns, which are built on the premise of the virus being unwittingly spread by infectious, asymptomatic people."

This makes mask wearing completely moot.

Also I don't understand why people are getting tested. If you have no symptoms of anything, how is the faulty PCR test (ruled invalid in courts in Portugal and Vienna) going to prove anything?

@CharlytheWorm @Sherri_Ingrey @SheChanges @polarisera @HebrideanHecate @Li_Chi @Piss_Ant
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Could you imagine how painful it would be to take Fauci's order at a fast food joint?

"Would you like fries with that?"

"Well, you know, there's a strong possibility that, in some way, fries would be understood to be a part of the overall process, if not now, potentially in the near to far future, at which point, without making any guarantees, we could just focus on getting the meal ready, and, before, during, or possibly after eating, we can see that this really was, as we now know, . . . etc

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