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Theremin Build: 3 of ?

Completed principle physical construction on the main unit. I'll build this on a simple base of plywood for now to get it operational. Though I do intend to construct a nice case or chassis for this...any recommendations?

Chose stainless steel over aluminum for the chassis plate. Much nicer in the end, but SS work-hardens in a hurry when it heats up, making larger holes a real PitA. I wouldn't even consider without a drill press.

Solder guns ready, next up is wiring!

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Masks Are Mandatory (They Say)
by Claire | June 26, 2021 | COVID-19, Face Masks

“We fly for you.”
They say.
“Where’s your mask?”
They say.
“Masks are mandatory.”
They say.

I check in.
Like many times before.
But this time: Hands shaking. Heart racing.

Not from fear of flying face free.
From reaching my limit.
In dealing with the madness all around.
From an overwhelming urge.
To call out the psychosis.

Somehow, I swallow my scream.
“I don’t have a mask.”
I say.
“I don’t wear a mask.”
I say.
“I have an exemption.”
I say.
(The last through gritted teeth.)

And so, I check in.
Wishing all the time
I could check out
From this Orwellian nightmare.

I’m embarrassed for the humans I’m surrounded by.

“Wellington will be in level 2 when we land.”
They say.
“Please keep a safe distance in the aisles.”
They say.
All the while packing us in like sardines in an economy seat sandwich.
On Auckland tarmac.

180 pairs of eyes turn towards one unmasked passenger,
Packing her luggage in the overhead locker.
“How dare you?”
Say the eyes.
“We know, we know, it doesn’t make sense, but we have to”
Say the eyes.
“It’s mandatory.”
Say the eyes.


“We’ll shortly be serving tea, coffee and a cookie.”
They say.
“You can remove your mask while you’re eating and drinking.”
They say.
“Just be sure to replace it securely after.”
They say.

And the people do as they’re told.

Come on Kiwis.
Wake Up.
Stand Up.
Speak Out.

If you ever wondered.
How we got to the gas chambers.
And you’re wearing a mask on a plane.
Eating your cookie.
Get out a mirror
Take a good long look
And hear what your own eyes
Have to say to you.

Claire Deeks, Wellington 24 June 2021
Read my other blog on mask: What’s The Big Deal About Masks Anyway?
And here is what you find when you check out the “science” behind mask with an Official Information Act Enquiry on Masks. Points 37, 42, 57, 62.8** and 71 are all worthy of further investigation, discussion and debate.
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Here are some of the mini ship/boat paintings from this series (each hexagon is about 3" on each side, and 5-6" across). I think the mini paintings are so cute, plus they're good for practicing/ laying out an idea for a larger piece 🙂

These (and the rest of my ships/boats series) will be available in Etsy store this Saturday, at 8AM EST:
And more photos of the paintings are on my website now:
Miniature Ship/Boat Hexagon Paintings
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When I interviewed John McAfee in December 2019, he told me that Hillary Clinton and James Comey wanted him dead.
Listen for yourself:

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Here we are in Ontario, having passed all the Phase 3 criteria while still in Phase 1, and there's still no word from Queen's Park on when all the COVID restrictions will be finally lifted.

Fuck this province, fuck this country.

#canpol #cdnpoli #ontpoli

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Hey all you Canucks, I hear C-10 passed in the dark of night and soon Canada will be Cuba.

Like Father like son

I'm praying that all you fine people up north set your differences aside and simply rebel the fuck out of your government and take back your country.

I'm sure I don't speak alone, in that, if you do rise up, I will stand beside you.

We should not let Canada fall into Censorship that would inevitably lead to socialism/communism, dare I say dictatorship.

China has infiltrated

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Theremin Build: 2 of ?

Since my previous post to the Fedi didn't see any takers, I'll continue to add to this thread from here on out.

Completed the power supply!

This takes 120VAC and outputs both 10VAC, for the tube heater circuit, and 50VDC to the instrument for general operation.

We keep the power supply separate from the instrument for safety and EM interference.

Alright, important safety tip, thanks Egon, capacitors can hold a charge, even hours after being unplugged from mains power!

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@tsn_says @Andijayne

Hubby and I are debt free thanks to Dave, with a few tweaks to his steps that better fit our lifestyle. Being debt free truly does equal freedom.

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Dear Biden there’s a girl I want to turn in. Shes 13 and is hiding in a concealed room. She’s radicalized. Please send your men to come get her.

Her name is Anne. She has a diary

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ITM y'all! A new ANA at long last - I think I miss doing them more than anyone misses viewing them. :) But if you were wondering what happened, I'm not dead (yet). Just had a major milestone to meet with the day job which I accomplished today.

Yeah, y'all should definitely blame my work sched and NOT the new boyfriend. Yep. For sure. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Additional links for the other platforms to follow

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This is one of the worst mistakes Mastodon made, IMO. The screeching has stopped and we’re still here, but the bridge has been burned.

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im sure the well-informed already came across this vaccine injury article, with meticulous references. its the trialsite news paper by steven kirsch, and was covered in detail on bret weinstein's june 10 darkhorse podcast, with dr. robert malone, and dr. kirsch, who's not an md, but an engineer, and rather neurotic during the discussion, but he seems to be from brooklyn, and is excitable about findings. must watch episode. here's the doc. dr.malone is cool as cucumber...

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We don't block here at Someday @adam will even mention this federated instance ;-)

Sign up, it's free!

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