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Medical professionals, the time is now. Stand up and shoot down the insanity.

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Sounds to me like Sleepy Joe just created that home grown terror threat he's been hoping for.

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At least Ivermectin has made it through robust and long term animal trials…

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@lavaender >They tell you whats occurring in reality

Yeah, uh, about that. What’s up for discussion with the vaxx vs anti-vaxx debate, is what is reality. You don’t get to just assert that your side is right and then act like the debate ends there. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not how science works. Honestly, that’s not how epistemoogy works in general.

I’m not even a blanket anti-vaxxer like @Eris appears to be and this is pathetic. This mRNA shit they have in the coronachan “vaccines” uses an experimental technique, which is to say it might work fine, it might do nothing, and it might make you grow a third arm. While things like the polio and measles vaccines may have shown to be “safe and effective,” that doesn’t apply to all vaccines and all techniques at making vaccines now and forever. Piggybacking off of the good reputation of things like the measles/polio/etc vaccines to push some new shit that doesn’t even really qualify not only fails to push the thing you want to push, but it retroactively tarnishes the good reputation of those past things.

You commies started by ruining works of fiction with good reputations like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars by inserting your obvious bullshit into them, and now you’ve moved on to ruining entire professions like medicine, law, and science.

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Heading to the local school board meeting with @amiko .

Hoping to have a positive conversation and not a free for all.

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RT @AaronvanW
Just walked into a McDonald's in San Salvador to see if I could pay for my breakfast with bitcoin, tbh fully expecting to be told no.

But low and behold, they printed a ticket with QR that took me to a webpage with Lightning invoice, and now I'm enjoying my desayuno traditional!

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My name is Maggie May. I live in the United States of America. I am banned from eating at restaurants, traveling freely, attending religious ceremonies, school, cultural events. and otherwise participating in society, because I refuse to convert to the new official ideology.

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"An overwhelming majority of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese, the CDC said."

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scenario #1

- I pull up to a servo (gas station if you're a seppo) and fill my tank with UL91
- I don't have a valid vaccine status
- I'm unable to enter the shop to pay
- I don't have a phone with Apple pay app because who knows how the fuck that works
- There's no Eftpos pay at the pump option

what next?

drive away?

or, will they fit the pumps with vaccine status checkers that won't pump fuel unless validated?

literally mark of the beast right there

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If in a couple of weeks the hospitals aren’t packed to the gills (they won’t be) after college football stadiums were full past capacity then the rona is over. I don’t what it will take to get people to wake up ,but when they are pushing fake Ivermectin stories and trotting out morbidly obese kids in the hospital with the rona they are getting desperate…
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Things that would have convinced me to take a 'rona vaccination:
>Honesty about 'rona figures including whether someone died with, mostly because of, and/or due to the 'rona
>Switching to a testing method that isn't PCR, which mixes up 'rona and flu and other common viruses all together
>Honesty and consistency about mask mandates - namely that anything short of personally-fitted N95 masks doesn't even begin to filter out anything close to aerosolized contaminated droplets
>Honest and intensive investigation of treatments with OTC, already-existing, and common medications
>Threat assessment according to existing mortality rates, especially according to age and comorbidities
>Investigation of both long-term and short-term side-effects of any injections and medications, especially when it comes to previous vectors that were never approved for human use since they killed a vast majority of all animal trial subjects
>A willingness to honestly investigate how and why the virus appeared in the first place, and how one particular government failed so hard and even encouraged misconceptions for economic gains
>Once the vaccination has proved effective and safe, incentives to get it through free and open publication of trial results by more than just the company that stands to gain financial gain by selling billions of units of it
>Not creating concentration camps for people who haven't taken an untested and usually more dangerous injection for a largely innocuous disease
>Not curtailing public and private rights in the name of protecting a vast majority of people from suffering no meaningful effects from a largely innocuous disease
>Not alienating, subjugating, extorting, coercing, and blackmailing people to take this untested and dangerous injection to supposedly protect against a largely innocuous disease
>Not continuing all these measures after it proves apparent, on a national and international scale, that these injections simply don't work as they're supposed to, and indeed create more of a risk to anyone under 50 than what they're supposed to protect against

Things that have actually happened:
>Literally the opposite of everything I previously stated.
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"There are 2 fundamental duties of the government today:
1. To make the vaccines optional without mandating them on the people for travel nor tying certain services to vaccines.
2. To compensate everyone who has been harmed by vaccines."

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Only 33 hours to go!

“FrUNology is a retrospective of the last decade of Mike Riley's single-panel gag comic strip, I Taste Sound. The 160+ page perfect bound, full color book features hundreds of comics including new and previously unreleased material.”


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