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"CF Industries: Union Pacific Curtails Fertilizer Shipments, Delaying Deliveries and Preventing New Rail Orders from Being Taken"

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Lawsuit Filed Against New York Governor Kathy Hochul and State Department of Health for Quarantine Camp Regulation

Wannabe New York Dictator Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Health gave themselves the power to force citizens into quarantine inside a “facility” of their choice.

Citizens would have to remain in the facility for however long the governor and health department deem appropriate. ...

In conclusion, we as a collective need to start addressing the Biden admin and the DNC as the dictatorial anti-Constitutionalists they are. Do not let them forget who they have become. Even the normies know the important if Free Speech.

This is a massive Red Pill. Use it wisely.

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Anyone knows an organization looking for a medical administrator with 30 years of leadership experience who pays attention to science instead of the news - send 'em my way.

19) I don’t think people are fully understanding the severity of what a Ministry of Truth organized by DHS truly means.

This is Stalin level.

This is Mao level.

This is the hill to die on.

Happy Friday, Fedi. Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to the courageous knight who posted the instructions to De-Google a Pixel Phone, replacing with GrapheneOS. For less than $200 (price of a refurb Pixel 4a) you can reclaim your digital independence.

It was shocking to me just how many of my apps are predicated on Google services.

It takes some extra effort to find alternative structures, but a little less convenience is worth digital independence. This is how.

If you'd-a told me that the corruption of an extreme minority of humans alive would spark a ''popular' desire for a nuke war, I'd have said you were crazy.



This sure is corrupt and sketch! 🤔

COVID-19: Nestlé supports equitable vaccination through COVAX

Nestlé is today joining the drive to speed up vaccination against COVID-19 and ensure broad, equitable distribution of vaccines to developing countries.

From BioClandestine:

HOLY SHIT! The EU Commissioner, Thierry Breton, warns Elon “There are rules”, and he must follow them and listen to the EU about moderating content online. This is EXTREMELY telling.

First of all, what business does the EU have telling a private citizen of a non-European country, what he can and cannot do with his privately owned company? The EU can fuck right off. If they want to ban Twitter from individual countries, be my guest, but Elon doesn’t have to do shit.

Open Tech Will Save us is back TODAY, at 16:00 UTC 🎉


🍿 Open Tech Will Save Us is back this month with a live episode on open standards!

Should I care about it? Is it only a technical problem? What does it bring to the table in practice?

The fine folks of, and will answer YOUR questions


What sets the latest censorship escalation on social media apart from its predecessors is that this time nobody's pretending that it's being done in the interests of the people. With the censorship of racists the argument was that they were inciting hate crimes and racial harassment. With the censorship of Alex Jones and QAnon the argument was that they were inciting violence. With the censorship of Covid skeptics the argument was that they were promoting misinformation that could be deadly. Even with the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story it was argued that there was a need to protect election integrity from disinformation of potentially foreign origin. With censorship relating to the Ukraine war there is no argument that it's being done to help the people. There is no case to be made that letting people say wrong things about this war kills Ukrainians, Americans, or anyone else. There is no case to be made that disputing claims about Russian war crimes will damage America's democratic processes. America isn't even officially a party in this whole war. It's just, "Well we can't have people saying wrong things about a war, can we?"

And if Republicans will win big in November and Democrats will claim the election is rigged (like Biden insinuated in January), then surely the social media companies will suppress (sorry, moderate) the content on their platform accordingly to protect the outcome of our elections and to avoid escalations into violence. Right?
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