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And just for fun, here is a reminder of what we were paying for gas in SE WI on Inauguration Day, 2020:

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Remember when the CDC removed all the mask studies that disproved the theory on their uses? The WEF is now doing the same thing with Sri Lanka.

New Study Adds To Growing Body Of Evidence Suggesting Mask Mandates Are Ineffective

“We observed no significant difference between student case rates while the districts had differing masking policies nor while they had the same mask policies,” they noted, adding that the “impact of school-based mask mandates on COVID-19 transmission in children is not fully established” amid mandates nationwide.

So many studies. Go read the full article.

Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up 'The Science' On Lockdowns, Social Distancing

Birx admitted in her new book that she and Dr. Anthony Fauci were essentially shooting from the hip when it came to national directives such as "two weeks to stop the spread," and social distancing requirements.

Birx "admitted to making things up," adding that she and Fauci "were lying to the president and to the American people about their COVID protocols."

Hey NA Family! We need some big time job karma. I was laid off from my job today, @DameAshley and I need some help. First off, if you were ever thinking about donating to the Written Revolution, now would be the time. We are going to need that value for value more than ever. Secondly, if you know of any company looking for a seasoned, certified Senior Software Product Manager, can you please let me know? Just shoot me a message here. Thank you all!

@adam as you always promise, can you boost?

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Tanks are being put on the streets in China to protect the banks.

This is because the Henan branch of the Bank of China declaring that people's savings in their branch are now 'investment products' and can't be withdrawn.


Climate Change, Transsexualism, COVID/Vaxxes.

All blatant and unapologetic pseudosciences at BEST.

All concurrent with each other.

This is not an accident.

This legendary 16-yr-old attended the ‘pro-choice’ rally in Melbourne to find out if protesters really care about bodily autonomy.

SPOILER ALERT: They don’t.

His full vid:

2 buildings hit by planes, a 3rd fell with No damage is like saying get one shot then another but the 3rd makes no sense.
TC7 won't go away & neither will poison updates.

@WashedOutGundamPilot @amiko @TurboNormie A subscription on a product like a car goes beyond product and transaction. They're saying they deserve a part of your labor forever, for using the product that you paid for in full. Like a little mini indentured servitude clause.

America’s representatives at the French Ambassador’s residence this week.

The world is laughing at us and our travelling freak show. :(

60 million in the Matrix, as users seek decentralised messaging. Slacked off and fed up with Teams? Want to escape the clutches of big tech? Element thinks so Matrix is an open source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication, and its Apache licensed reference implementations. The Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting […]

64,007,732 to be precise, as of right now 🎉. Thank you everyone for flying Matrix - the age of decentralised communication is upon us!!


60 million in the Matrix as users seek decentralized messaging


Chinese citizens, handcuffed, lining up under the SWAT team's watch to take their daily mandatory COVID test to keep their QR Code COVID Pass valid to keep their life going.

Is this what you want for the rest of your life?

#coof #thecoof #covid #politics #china #testing

@Sherri_Ingrey @FeralDandelion I had the good fortune to study Agenda 21 as a document underlying the international STARS COMMUNITIES which infiltrated 20 American cities and some large counties by 2008.

Agenda 21 is a doc published by U.N. in 1992. All Americans should read this and UNDERSTAND, these goals have already been institutionalized by the pilot program now of over 20 years, we are "in the system". ICLEI got disbanded for nefarious reasons but they re-branded and rolled out STARS COMMUNITIES to promote the UN globalist agenda then.

Our gifted youth program studied this document, and how our county and city used AGENDA 21 measurements and principles - it's a big ASSESSMENT INVENTORY MAP of resources, just like nazi's did in 1930's by IBM. Then, they had the lists to just knock on the doors....

I remember when the CDC Changed Definitions of Vaccine, Vaccinated

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