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Some kid had the Christmas of his goddamn life in 1981 and I have the receipt.

ALERT - the USDA wants you to REGISTER YOUR GARDEN. Their "people's garden" program is NOT your grandma's victory garden brochure. It is—in their own words—creating a registry and map of small-scale food production.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REGISTER YOUR GARDEN. No matter what benefits or enticements are offered.

"The USDA expanding its People’s Garden Initiative to include eligible gardens nationwide!


Just an FYI that tomorrow is my big day in court regarding the vaxx mandates for federal employees.

My attorneys are arguing before the 5th Circuit, en banc.

Please pray that we are victorious. This is not just for me, but for every single American citizen.

No employer should ever have the right to demand that a citizen submit to experimental medical procedures, or lose their job.

Contentious religious objections should be honored.

I like discussing UFOs as much as the next person. I've had personal experiences myself and your guess is as good as mine as to what's really going on.

Yet I've come to the point in my life where I actually welcome the subject being ridiculed. Strange, I know, but consider this: if humanity can't even come to terms with all members of its species, young and old, and panics for the dumbest of reasons while genuflecting to tyranny for the sake of likes and's probably for our benefit that humanity doesn't dabble in the prospect of meeting people who are far more advanced than we are. We're just not ready.

Until we are, it's just story time and I prefer it that way. Of course, if someone up there were to offer me a cheap trip to anywhere in the world, that's a different matter. Last I heard, supersonic aircraft are 10 years away with ticket prices still rising, so I'm open to good deals.

Especially if it means making NASA more obsolete than it already is.

@amiko Ah, here we go:

"Undertakers removed an advert for their firm from the window of the Queen’s hearse as it made its way to Edinburgh.

A large sticker bearing the name of William Purves – chosen to transport the Queen’s oak coffin across Scotland – was visible as it left Balmoral at 10am.

But by the time the hearse reached Edinburgh the inappropriate ad – which obscured the view of the late sovereign’s standard draped coffin – was gone."

The pictures are from a trusted, boots-on-the-ground source...the video is from the of these things is not like the other...

If you've never seen the Corbett report piece which summarizes the events of 9/11/2001 in 5 simple minutes, here's your chance. If you have seen it, well, its time to watch it again.

How It Was Made: THE COMMODORE 64

"Using machine learning on some scenes (see pinned comment & description) we've digitally remastered the only known, low-quality footage of the Commodore 64 & 6502 factory production to better show how the world's bestselling computer was made!"

It's still amazing to see how many steps it took to make this relatively simple computer, compared to current ones.

TIL: Big Pharma "harvests" the blood of around 500,000 horseshoe crabs every year in "blood-letting" factories. Well I'm full up on my quota of horrifying dystopic visions for the year. The saddest part of this is that there does exist a synthetic compound which makes all of this nightmare fuel obsolete, it's just easier and more cost effective to do...this...


It's the cost of using fiat -- the currency of slaves.

The current situation is a "slave cull".

The owners of the slaves have decided they don't need as many of you around anymore ... so it's austerity time.

May the best slaves win!

Or, if you don't wish to be a slave and don't want to participate in the games ... then convert to sound money and get to ground.


NBC, CBS and ABC all refused to air #PedoHitler’s demonic speech live. Only CNN and MSNBC did. Even PBS refused after seeing the transcript in advance. Everyone at the networks knew it would be an unmitigated disaster. But it was even worse than expected.

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