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Woot has this refurbed Dremel 3000 intermediate kit for $37. It's a good starter for a real Dremel tool. It's wired & does the 5,000 to 35,000 RPM near full range which few clone knockoffs & none of the wireless ones can match. Speed range is it's magic power.

Everyone should have a Dremel in the house somewhere, the biggest problem is remembering all the things it can do but eventually you 1st start to say "I think the Dremel can fix that" at every problem & most the time you're right.

How exactly did a generation of Mengele-style medical experimentation be allowed to spread as much as it has (mRNA, child mutilation, Fauci, etc)? WTF happened to the gene pool?

So the girls get the coof & Giga-fucking- chad @occomyanmar comes through with 2 Ziverdo kits for them (no charge, but donation in that name coming) AND packs in some NA stickers and seals the pack with a knight ring wax seal even! I am fucking floored lol! @adam @Johncdvorak @Dan_Ramos @NoBeret Sing this account's selflessness loud & proud. We are the best fucking tribe. Thank you.

meanwhile in USA:

most expensive airplane is built for U.S. army: 2.1 billion dollaros americanos, and for duck U.S. army spending so much money that Mars could be colonized hundred times:

Remember when peanut allergies killing off a few people set the world on fire, demanding changes and awareness? Now they're dropping dead of "unknown" causes and the righteous can't be bothered. It's like they know where to look, but won't say a goddamn thing.

Provided to me today by a good Brother in Christ whom I have known for nearly 30 years and who travelled from one side of Australia to the other for my wedding.

I have no words to describe the unspeakable evil. I have tears.

“ The power to control direction belongs to me.” - Andy Andrews

😃 the whole time.
“Have a great day” to all.
👋 at all the people & 🚘.

It's an older meme, but it checks out...🚀
Just re-discovered what has to be one of the best videos to come out of the CV19 debacle. Tip'o the hat to whomever put this together, it's brilliant.

Even your dog is smarter than so many of your fellow citizens. 🐕

NY Judge Tosses State Quarantine Camp Law Declaring It Unenforceable

"A New York judge overturned a law that allowed the state government to place even healthy citizens in quarantine camps for an indefinite time without review."

"the state renewed Rule 2.13 every 90 days. The commissioner wanted to make the rule permanent"

From Agenda 2030 the globalists want some State/Country or Global doctor to be able to do these things. They first started promoting the WHO.

@DotardTed @bonifartius

I'll just keep agreeing to disagree, Ted.

I think our "global strength" is immoral. It has come at the expense of our internal weakness. The standing armies we've created to subjugate our "enemies" is the same one that's stopping us from hanging politicians from lamp posts right now.

And we don't even subjugate our enemies. We go and blow up people in foreign countries - mostly for the wealth and power of elites here - and then pull out and leave a seething populace who absolutely hates our guts - with the rare exceptions of those who were slightly richer and freer turning against their own people to help us.

"Security"? Which countries are more secure because of our power being projected into their borders?

Now, answer which ones feel safe to bully their neighbors with the threat of Uncle Sugar looming over their shoulder?

Be sure to get your boosters, if you can. Slow the spread! Just slowing it is doing your part! Play your part.

The aphorism "You vote your way into Communism but you have to shoot your way out" couldn't possibly be more on display than at this current time.

I don’t know a single person who’s afraid of “monkeypox”

A know very few people who are still afraid of Covid

I don’t know a single person who loses sleep over “climate change”

The only reason people don’t call BS on the above and much more is that they think they’d be alone.

When they realize they’re not, it’s gonna be a tsunami.

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